PinkGym Bootcamp

Burn those extra pounds. Lose those extra inches.

Bootcamp Session Times

Group 1

Monday & Wednesday @ 6:00 pm
Saturday @ 8:30 am

Total Capacity: 12 Ladies

Group 2

Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:00 pm
Saturday @ 8:30 am

Total Capacity: 12 Ladies

Sold Out

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Success Stories That will inspire you

Jessica Downs (60 pounds lost)

Thank you Nicki and Pink Gym! I have really enjoyed every second of my journey since joining the Pink Gym! Seriously! I pray daily that the good Lord will keep my knee in check for me to continue my fitness journey.

Julie Thomas (100 pounds lost)

Joining the Pink Gym is one of the best decisions that I have made! I did not know where to begin, but Nicki and the girls have become like family to me. They have helped me transform my body. Everyone asks, “What is your secret?” The gym and gym family is not just a place to go and lift weights, it’s where I go to crush goals, have fun and relieve everyday stressors and anxiety. I’m hooked now and can’t go more than a day without being there! I love my Pink Gym, I love my results and I love my new family. I cannot thank Nicki and the girls enough for their encouragement and help along my journey!

You can be an inspiration too

Gain massive confidence

24/7/365 Access & Security

The Pink Gym never closes! The gym's entry doors are securely locked at all times for your protection, but your membership keytag unlocks the main entry door to give you access to the gym facility 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (for full, adult dues paying members). However, the gym is not staffed 24/7.