6-Week Slim Down Challenge


Lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks and get your money back!  Read below for offer details.*

Choose Delicious Foods ∙ Develop Healthy Habits ∙ Workout Whenever Wherever

Flexible “smart” meal plans, customized weekly workouts and life-changing healthy habit development all delivered to transform you mentally, emotionally and physically through cutting-edge apps that prompt you and guide you to be as easy, convenient, flexible and effective as possible.

  • Pink Gym: If you want to come to our live group training sessions at Pink Gym, choose the “Pink Gym” location option below.
  • At Home: If you want to workout at home instead, choose the “At Home” location option below.

Scroll down below to read the offer details.

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Our 6-week challenge produces life-changing body transformations that will make your friends jealous and give you newfound self-confidence. That’s what makes what we do so rewarding and enjoyable.

Eat great tasting food! Eat the delicious, healthy meal prepped foods we offer or cook your own with our cutting-edge nutrition app that calculates everything for you. Swap out any foods you don’t want for your favorites at any time!  And always have your digital grocery list at your fingertips on your phone or printout a handy copy.

You have complete freedom to choose when and where you workout.  Come to the Pink Gym for group training at scheduled times or workout whenever and wherever, such as at home or at any other gym, with our cutting-edge virtual training app!  Your workouts are scientifically-optimized for ladies to rapidly scorch fat, tone muscle and shape your body beautifully.

Stay on course with our proven cognitive behavior modification techniques to reprogram your thinking patterns and develop healthy, life-changing habits to achieve your goals. Change your mind to change your weight!

We’ll also keep in touch with you regularly and keep you accountable with a private Facebook group and Facebook Live videos.


You always get to eat food you like and workout on your schedule and terms.  And you will be able to stay on track by programming yourself with healthy habits!

Extensive research shows that the combination of proper diet and exercise is more than 400% more effective than exercise alone at taking off and keeping off unwanted pounds.  And the key to doing that successfully is reprogramming your thoughts and forming the right habits.

We help you overcome your weight struggles with delicious foods you love and fun, effective and convenient workouts you’ll enjoy that will slim you down and have you looking fantastic and feeling young and energetic.

You aren’t locked into only eating foods that we choose for you. Our cutting-edge food swap technology in our meal plan app delivers the perfect meal to properly fuel your body that lets you choose your foods that you like.

Your workouts are also conveniently delivered right to your phone with our cutting-edge virtual training app that lets you dictate your workout schedule by giving you the flexibility to workout whenever and wherever you want.

You will learn with proven cognitive behavior modification techniques that will reprogram you to control your thoughts and emotions in order to achieve your desired behavior and outcomes.

* The money back guarantee is not a refund and is payable in the form of a credit that can be used towards payment for 50% of the purchase price of another challenge or other select service offerings.