DigestA Lean Protein


Great tasting chocolate. Naturally flavored non-dairy protein*

A highly effective protein supplement designed to support highly efficient protein utilization. DigestA Lean protein contains a revolutionary blend of hypoallergenic ingredients in specific ratios determined by Dr. Serrano’s extensive hands on research with real people – not lab rats.*

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Servings Per Container: 45
Serving Size: 13g (2 Heaping Scoops)

DigestA Lean Protein® does not include dairy based proteins and is naturally flavored with a great chocolate taste.

Our mission? To create a highly effective protein supplement which has a dramatic impact on body composition, performance and recovery. While many protein supplements claim to improve many factors most simply set off food allergies and sensitivities linked to bloating, stomach distress, fatigue, excessive body fat and poor digestion. DigestA Lean protein contains a revolutionary blend of hypo allergenic ingredients in specific ratios determined by Dr. Serrano’s extensive hands on research with real people- not lab rats! The end result a power packed protein product that not only avoids allergy pit falls, but also supports proper digestion and nutrient utilization to fuel the human machine.*

Protein powder without whey or casein

Break Through Protein Stops Bloating

Naturally flavored protein powder

Let’s make this very simple, the more quality nutrients your body can utilize the better your physique will be. Eat all of the quality food you want, but if your gut is not working properly much of it will go to waste or build up in your intestines to give you that undesirable bloated look.*

Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis is always going to be the solid gold standard before and immediately after training. Amino Loading does a great job of optimizing the hormonal environment to support increased utilization of fat as fuel during exercise while simultaneously providing raw materials for both energy and new muscle growth. DigestA Lean Protein uses a completely different pathway to augment the raw material pool – providing a second tidal wave of nutrients 30-40 minutes following training.*

The 4 different proteins along with other special ingredients deliver quick and slowly released nutrients to supply a sustained raw material flow throughout the critical couple hours following training. I am not going to provide many details about the ingredients until the product is ready to go for the public in August as I am tired of other companies trying to copy my formulas. The first 500 units will hit in July but are already sold! Many of the ingredients are not used in any of the popular proteins on the market largely due to the lack of knowledge about their functions and the high cost of quality raw materials.*

The ingredient ratios took me a few years to figure out via human trials, but better late than never. My goal was not create a meal replacement, but rather a nutrient enhancer that can be used along with food while actually creating an impact on the bottom line. This is not a taste driven convenience item, but rather a powerful body comp changing tool.*

I suppose I would make a ton of money telling people they should consume exclusively shakes instead of food, but I have seen that strategy work over the years and I refuse to feed people lies. Using DigestA Lean Protein along with a meal can actually improve the uptake of all of the food sources due to the positive impact on digestion. Eating a combination of proteins such as beef and fish in the same sitting offers many advantages due to the variety of nutrients that can be presented. There are times between meals when amino loading and DigestA Lean are appropriate, but make sure to get at least 3-4 solid food meals per day.*

The sleep phase is a unique opportunity to send fat burning and muscle growing signals to the brain which can create a favorable hormonal release. Feedback on the taste of DigestA Lean Protein is excellent and it contains 0 sugar, if you are needing to bulk up the carb content try adding some honey to the DigestA Lean for your post workout drink. A special amino acid in the formula is protein sparring allowing other ingredients to be used for muscle repair during sleep. Added dietary fiber supports prolonged nutrient delivery and based on many studies actually reduces hunger at night and the next morning.*

We now invite you to try DigestA Lean protein for yourself to help you achieve your aggressive goals.

DigestA Lean at night Puts on more Muscle

Use at least 3 oz of water for every 2 scoops of DigestA Lean Protein and stir vigorously for desired consistency. Consume within 60 minutes of adding water to powder. Use DigestA Lean 60 min before training and 30 min after 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis post training.*

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 40
Calories from Fat 4.5
Total Fat 0.5g
Total Carbohydrates 2g
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 0g
Protein 7g


**Percent daily values based on a 2,000 calorie diet
*Daily value not yet established

Ingredients: Proprietary protein blend – Brown rice protein isolate, and pea protein isolate, theobroma cacao (Coooa), colostrum, L-glycine, inulin, natural chocolate flavor, natural vanilla flavor, stevia leaf extract

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Product contains milk.

Not a significant source of saturated or trans fat.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*