Fat Reduce FB05 (Night)



30 day supply

A revolutionary fat loss product which attacks the barriers to fat loss, thereby facilitating rapid fat loss success.

Raise Metabolism by 400 calories per day

Fat Reduce is comprised of a unique blend of ingredients split into an AM and PM formula. The AM formula is designed to increase metabolic rate, energy and mental focus and related fat burning mechanisms. Taken once at night the PM formula will help people to relax helping to avoid the common pit falls of late night overeating (often do to stress or anxiety) and poor sleep which contribute to body fat accumulation. Mounting research exists to suggest that sub optimal sleep results in a greater prevalence of overeating and selection of high sugar food items.

The 3 Major Road Blocks to Fat Loss

Hormones are the body directors – they determine how much you will lose/gain, in what time period and whether or not you will be able to keep body fat off.

  1. Increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) activate fat storage receptors and ruin insulin sensitivity facilitating a fat storing environment. The by product of stress is emotional eating and or binging on sugar rich food choices further contributing to body fat accumulation. Body fat levels have risen steadily amongst the North American population over the past 10 years. In addition to other factors, stress is a leading cause for this negative trend.
  2. Poor insulin sensitivity results in the over secretion of the insulin (powerful fat storage hormone) forcing the body into a constant fat storing environment.
  3. Sluggish metabolic rate – caused by numerous factors including under eating for an extended period of time, low anabolic hormone levels, genetics and many others. Multiple ingredients within help to kick metabolism into high gear.

Fat Reduce provides a solution to these 3 key barriers to success and can facilitate fantastic body fat reductions especially when combined with proper diet and exercise.


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