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Nutrition Programming in the Digital Age – Better. Faster. Easier.

More than 90% of people join a gym to lose weight. Exercise is important and necessary, but exercise alone is the LEAST effective method to lose weight. Maximize your weight loss results with our expertly created nutrition and meal plans delivered to you with state-of-the-art interactive technology!


  • MEAL PLAN – Want to know exactly what to do? This is the plan for you! We give you a detailed daily meal plan with specific food items for each meal. However, if you don’t like certain foods that we choose you can use our fantastic Food Swap feature to swap them out for foods that you love!
  • NUTRITION PLAN – Do you demand choices and control? Then this is the plan for you! With this plan instead of telling you exactly what foods to eat we instead tell you the amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and fluid that you should intake at each meal. You then choose your specific food items for each meal from an extensive list of foods. Our state-of-the-art app will then dynamically compute the portions of your chosen foods for you to eat to perfectly match your nutrition plan!
  • COMPETITOR PLAN – Are you a bikini competitor prepping for a show? Or an athlete who competes at a high level? This is the perfect plan for you! This plan customizes each meal for you dynamically based upon your actual activity levels throughout each day in order to perfectly match your changing, daily nutritional needs for the ultimate in precision, performance and results!


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  • We utilize your unique physical and health characteristics to calculate detailed nutritional recommendations based on the leading edge of nutrition and physiology science.
  • Our state-of-the-art, interactive software delivers customized meal and nutrition plans to you created specifically for you and your needs by an expert team of registered dieticians.
  • Don’t like some of the food choices on your plan? Swap them for foods you love! We tell you how to eat, but you choose what to eat. Our incredible Food Swap feature lets you dynamically change your plan’s food choices to your liking whenever you want while ensuring your food choices and portions fit within the macronutrient and caloric parameters of your plan!
  • Automatically generated shopping list and portion guide…all available right from your phone!
  • Food and activity logging available – if you want that too.
  • Manage, analyze and produce lasting results. Can track changes in body composition, performance, nutrient intake and even blood panels. Dynamic reports.