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We use only the latest, state-of-the-art, industry-leading products and equipment.  You can come to us or we can come to you.  Our base locations are in Sheridan and Conway, but we also have the latest mobile equipment to come to you and give you the great-looking tan that you want in the comfort of your own home or anywhere!

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To get your beautiful, bronze, beach tan or for more information, call us today! Call Nicki in Sheridan at 870.917.5208 or call Olivia in Conway at 870.917.8300.

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Norvell Certified Sunless Technicians

Sunless tanning is a booming, billion-dollar industry. Why? Sunless tanning provides immediate results with no painful sunburn and with no skin damage caused by UV light just to name a few reasons.  But we have all seen those awful looking, orange spray tans that look terrible!!  As a booming industry still in its infancy, no standards exist yet to rate or regulate either the products used or the people providing the services.  Therefore, the results achieved from sunless tanning products and services vary tremendously.  There is much more to the science behind providing consistently great looking sunless tans than meets the eye.  Flawless TanAwful looking spray tan results can be caused by poor products with inconsistent quality and by being applied by someone without sufficient education and training…and you definitely don’t want both!!  Anyone can sell spray tanning services with no experience, education or licensing of any kind required!!  Because we strive for perfection, we not only use only the best products, but our staff also completes education, hands-on training and certification through Norvell University to help ensure we give you the highest quality and best looking spray tan available.

Norvell Sunless Products

Norvell Products
Nobody wants a bad tan!  Therefore, we use and sell only the best products available which provide the absolute best looking tan every time.  Our Norvell products incorporate the latest in science-based skin care technology with the very best of nature’s ingredients.  We offer the complete line of products by Norvell, the industry pioneer and the industry leader in sunless tanning technologies, products, innovation and customer service.

Please come by or call us at 870.942.9094 to purchase products.