Our Proven NOFAT System Turbocharges Your Fat Burning!

Want some REAL RESULTS? Our revolutionary proven NOFAT (Nutrition Optimization Formulated from Advanced Techniques) System is the result of years of real world testing of scientific research and advancements in the science of nutrition and exercise. Our perfected system strategically times the use of proven advanced nutrition techniques, such as macronutrient cycling, dietary fat loading and amino loading just to name a few, to optimize and maximize your body’s rate of fat loss. When you pair our scientifically optimized nutrition with our advanced fat burning exercise techniques, your metabolism, fat burning hormones and fat burning enzymes will kick into overdrive for INCREDIBLE FAT LOSS RESULTS IN A HURRY!

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We provide you with nutrition plans, not diets. There is a big difference! Nutrition is not about a fad diet or a quick fix. Our nutrition plans are based on scientifically-proven principles and common sense principles which you will learn and be able to apply for lifelong healthy eating. They will give you fuel for energy, increased vitality, proper nutrients for a healthy body, a happier mental state and weight loss when applied in the correct portions. You will not only transform your body by improving your daily food intake, but you will improve your life!

The Scientific Problem with Fad Diets

Fad Diets Don't Work

The diet and exercise industry has more fads than any other industry. Simply put, diets don’t work. With a diet, as soon as you stop the diet you will likely not only gain back whatever weight you might have lost but you will gain back even more fat than you had when you started the diet. Take a look around at those you know who have tried various diets over the years and you will see this. Why? There is a scientific explanation for it.

Fad Diets

Fad weight loss diets cause your body to not only lose fat, but to also lose muscle by not properly feeding your body with the nutrients it needs and by not incorporating exercise which is required to maintain your muscle mass during the caloric deficit phase of “dieting”. When you are eating at a caloric deficit without the proper nutrients and without resistance training to grow or at least maintain your muscle mass, you will lose lean muscle mass. So when you stop the diet and return to your old eating habits, you will not only gain back the fat you had before you started the diet but you will now be adding that fat to a body that has less lean muscle mass than what you had before. Therefore, your body composition is now worse…at your same weight, you then have less lean muscle mass, more fat mass and, therefore, a higher percentage of body fat. To make things worse, your problems are further compounded with less lean muscle mass because muscle burns calories. So with less lean muscle mass your body will burn fewer calories per day than it did before you started the diet. The result? The dreaded yo-yo effect!! You will burn fewer calories, gain back more fat than what you lost, have less muscle tone and shape, have less strength, and be less healthy. You would have been much better off if you had never done the diet!!

Vicious Diet Cycle

Nutrition is THE Limiting Factor

Dumbbells & Fruits

There are three basic categories of limiting factors which prevent you from obtaining your optimal results: (1) your genetic makeup, (2) your daily physical activity patterns, and (3) your nutrition. Of these, genetics and lack of physical activity are NOT your biggest limiting factors. Only the most elite athletes in the world are pushing their genetic boundaries. It is important to have active daily physical activity patterns by exercising at least 3 hours per week and also taking at least 10,000 steps per day, but studies have proven that it takes more than this to obtain your optimal results. Accordingly, nutrition is THE limiting factor for you whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, live a healthier life, or to compete at the highest levels of sport. What dramatically limits you is what you eat and, sometimes more importantly, what you don’t eat. Proper nutrition feeds muscle and sheds fat. It will improve every one of your measurable health markers, drastically improve your recovery, energy and mood so that you can exercise harder, longer and more frequently, and get you the body that you never thought you could have!



It is very important not to just cut your calorie intake way back. DO NOT DO THIS!! Not eating enough calories will negatively impact your metabolism, your hormonal balance, and your mood. It can cause lots of problems, including massive metabolic decline, reductions in thyroid hormone production, reductions in testosterone levels, inability to concentrate, huge reduction in physical performance, loss of muscle and bone mass, etc. Your body will think it is starving and will slow down or shut down all non-survival functions, including reproductive function, metabolic function, brain function and more. Therefore, it is critical to eat enough calories from the right foods to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs while not eating excess calories which do not provide your body with needed nutrients.



Just as under-eating has negative consequences, so does overeating (and/or under-exercising). Not only does overeating cause weight gain as we all know, but it also has many negative health consequences. With too much overeating, plaques can build up in your arteries, blood pressure can increase, blood cholesterol can increase, you can become insulin resistant and begin to suffer from diabetes, your risk for certain cancers increases, and the list goes on.

Make Your Calories Count


With a proper nutrition plan, you fuel your body with all of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fibers, etc.) it needs while also limiting your calorie intake to only the amount of calories your body needs to be strong and healthy…no more, no less. The key for healthy and effective fat loss is to make your calories count by eating foods which have a low density of calories but also a high density of key nutrients (proteins, iron, zinc, B-vitamins, etc.) and which provide the right amount, combination and timing of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for your particular body and your activity level. However, if gaining muscle is your goal you may want foods that are high in nutrients and calories. Let us custom design your nutrition plan for you today!

What Is “Good Nutrition”?

“Good nutrition” can mean many different things to different people. Some think good nutrition means eating fewer sugary desserts. Others think it means eating more fruits and vegetables. Others think it means eating less meat. Others think it means eating fewer carbs. And then there’s the often cited and common sensical idea of the “balanced diet.” Most of the definitions you will hear are simple and easy to remember. Yet most of them will be incomplete, and some of them will be flat-out wrong.

We dump all of the ridiculous, oversimplified, often erroneous media mythology you’ve been exposed to. The following are four important criteria that all good nutrition plans must meet:

  1. Good nutrition properly controls energy balance
  2. Good nutrition provides nutrient density
  3. Good nutrition achieves health, body composition and performance goals
  4. Good nutrition is honest and outcome-based

Only Sustainable is Maintainable


The nutrition plans we custom create for you not only work, but they work long-term. Your custom-designed nutrition plan will not only get you looking your best, but will keep you looking your best. We incorporate concepts from longevity nutrition science for life extension and disease management. You will look your best, feel your best and be your best! We will provide you with an easily applied approach that takes little effort to enhance your health and well-being while leading a busy life. You will learn simple principles that you can apply for the rest of your life!

Importantly, our approach is sustainable long-term versus diets which are not sustainable. Why? There are several reasons including the fact that our nutrition plans are designed to fill you up with foods that satisfy your appetite while also giving you the flexibility and freedom to eat many of your favorite foods! You don’t have to have cravings…you don’t have to cutout foods that you love…you don’t have to be hungry…and you don’t you have to kill yourself working out every day!! WebMD.com agrees. You simply have to generally follow your easy-to-follow plan which we custom design for your body and your lifestyle.

Planning and Consistency, not Overkill or Perfection!

Failure to Plan

The key is to have a properly-designed plan that you consistently follow. It is NOT about working out really hard for a month or two then burning out and quitting. It doesn’t have to be hard! But it does have to be based on a scientifically-proven plan that is followed with some consistency. Consistency does not mean perfection! It is NOT about perfection. It is about being reasonable and following the plan most of the time, but also knowing that you have the flexibility to live life and occasionally have a piece of cake too…OCCASIONALLY!

The guaranteed way to ensure failure with our plan is by not starting it! Whether you want to lose 5 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds or more, if you simply follow our easy, customized plan YOU WILL GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT!! So what are you waiting for? Get started today!!

Exercise and Nutrition are Both Essential


Training and nutrition go hand-in-hand…both are necessary to effectively and truly transform your body. In fact, nutrition accounts for approximately 67% of your body transformation with training accounting for the other necessary 33%. Nutrition provides you with the core foundation to be your very best in health, fitness, appearance and in life. Proper nutrition is essential for fat loss and muscle toning.

What should I eat?
What should I not eat?
How much should I eat?
When should I eat?
How many times a day should I eat?

These are all important questions which your nutrition plan answers for you based upon your specific body and your specific goals for your body. A customized nutrition plan is also essential to properly fuel your body with the correct fuel in the correct amounts and at the correct times in order to burn fat while at the same time effectively fueling the shaping of your muscles for a true body transformation.Question Mark And, of course, proper nutrition is important for your general health and well-being. Eat right and you will feel and look younger and better! Therefore, there are many important reasons that we strongly recommend and encourage all of our clients to take advantage of all of the many benefits of our nutrition plans. Choose your plan below and immediately start reaping the tremendous benefits of having a comprehensive plan which pairs your training plan with your nutrition plan to work in tandem to meet your goals. Many of our clients not only meet their initial goals, but exceed their goals and wind up setting newer, loftier goals and attaining them too! Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs or restrictions and we will accommodate you accordingly.

We offer our nutrition plans in combination with our virtual training plans. Your custom fit nutrition plan will perfectly complement and change with the different phases of your custom fit training plan. Nutritional tweaks are needed for each different phase.


You will face various obstacles on your path to success. It’s how you react to obstacles like these that make the difference between winning and losing. In addition to gaining physical strength from training and proper nutrition, you can also gain mental strength to live your life according to YOUR new, improved rules!

Negative, Unsupportive People


Unfortunately, there will be people who are unsupportive of your self-improvement and who will try to sabotage your success. These are people who will view your success as their failure! They will feel insecure about themselves because of your improvement…they’re jealous, but they’re unmotivated to help themselves like you. Instead, they would rather try to keep you down at their level. Don’t listen to them. Or better yet, use those people as confirmation of your progress and as positive motivation because what they are really telling you is that what you are doing is working!

Be Your Main Motivator


The only person you can ever completely rely on is YOURSELF. However, you can also be your own worst enemy. Nothing is more powerful at derailing you and causing you to fail than your own negative thoughts. Make a choice to have positive thoughts and to break through the mental and emotional obstacles that you face. Countless other people before you have faced the same obstacles. Some of them have conquered their mental battles and had life-changing success while others have given in to failure. It’s nothing more than a choice. Make the right choice and YOU WILL SUCCEED! Focus on where you want to be tomorrow, next month, next year and so on instead of focusing on where you are today…go get it and enjoy the fantastic, life-changing journey! Chase your dreams…this is one dream that you can actually live out!

Click here to read about our revolutionary, proven NOFAT System to rapidly scorch your fat!