Are you intimidated by gyms? Are you caught in the oh so common trap of only getting on a treadmill, elliptical or bike? Is that because you don’t know how to use the weights and strength training machines at the gym? Are you having trouble getting the results you want? Our mission is to provide you with the environment, the education, the systems and the behavior modification tools to change all of that for you! Come by today to learn more and join our revolutionary movement!

Nicki M. Lisenbey, CPT

“It was a long-time dream of mine to open a ladies-only gym with a very friendly, welcoming and inspiring atmosphere where ALL women not only feel very comfortable, but they are excited to come workout. My dream is a reality! What we do here is not only life-changing, it’s also fun! In my experience as a personal trainer, the biggest challenges I have seen with women are intimidation by gyms, uncertainty about how to use gym equipment and how to workout effectively for dramatic change. We are changing that! Join our movement and our growing community of happy, fit, fat burning ladies today!”

Signature of Nicki M. Lisenbey, CPT

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