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Scorch Your Fat


Tone Your Muscles


Transform Your Body

Don't like what you see in the mirror?

  • Life is too busy to work on yourself?

  • You lack discipline and accountability?

  • You don’t know how to eat well or workout?

  • You’re a stay-at-home mom that can’t make it to the gym?

  • You’ve tried diets but didn’t like the food or they were too restrictive?

  • You’re intimidated by gyms?

  • You have hunger cravings and binge eat?

  • You don’t have a gym to go to?

No Boundaries. No Limits. No Fears.
We don't just care about health and fitness.

We care about you.
  • We’ve helped countless ladies lose weight who never could before…and keep it off

  • Thousands of pounds and inches lost

  • Millions of calories burned

Fuel Your Brain. Fuel Your Body.

How can we help you overcome your struggles and lose weight?


New Thoughts & Outcomes

You Choose Foods


Workout Whenever Wherever

Learn About Nutrition
Learn About Nutrition
Reprogram Your Thoughts
Reprogram Your Thoughts
Choose Delicious Food
Choose Delicious Foods
Workout Whenever Wherever
Workout Whenever Wherever
Nutrition Education
Reprogram Thoughts
Choose Delicious Food
Workout Whenever Wherever
Workout Whenever Wherever
Extensive research shows that the combination of proper diet and exercise is more than 400% more effective than exercise alone at taking off and keeping off unwanted pounds.  And the key to doing that successfully is reprogramming your thoughts and being armed with the right information.
Slim. Strong. Shapely.

Life-Changing Transformation

Our programs produces life-changing mental and physical transformations that will give you newfound self-confidence, make your friends jealous and show the world that life isn't as unfair as it may seem. These life-changing transformations make what we do so rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Learn About Nutrition

    Learn what you need to know to understand what your body needs for clean fuel and how various types of foods affect your body.  You will gain all of the knowledge to make the right choices in a simple, easy-to-understand framework.

  • Reprogram Your Thoughts

    Our proven cognitive behavior modification techniques will help you permanently reprogram your thinking patterns and develop healthy, life-changing habits to achieve your goals with long-term sustainability. Change your mind to change your weight and change your life! #ABetterWeigh

  • Choose Delicious Foods

    Eat great tasting food! Eat delicious, healthy meal prepped foods that we offer, cook your own or buy pre-made meals elsewhere. Our cutting-edge nutrition app guides you and calculates everything for you so that you can easily eat perfectly and, as importantly, eat delicious foods that you love eating. Swap out any foods you don’t want for your favorites at any time! Always have your digital grocery list with you on your phone or printout a handy copy.

  • Workout Whenever Wherever

    You have complete freedom to choose when and where you workout. Come to the Pink Gym for group training at scheduled times or workout whenever and wherever, at home or any other gym, with our cutting-edge virtual training app! Your workouts are scientifically-optimized for ladies to rapidly scorch fat, tone muscle and shape you beautifully.

We'll also keep in touch with you regularly to keep you engaged and accountable with an intimate private group and live video sessions.

Think Healthy. Feel Energetic. Look Fantastic.

Why Will This Work When Others Fail?

Most women struggle with their weight. We have a simple system to teach you what you need to know and help you permanently reprogram your control your change your think healthy, feel energetic and look fantastic.

Learn About Nutrition
Learn About Nutrition

We teach you what you need to know about food so that you understand what your body needs for clean fuel and how various types of foods affect your body.  You will gain all of the knowledge you need to make the right choices in a simple, easy-to-understand framework.

If you're interested in learning about more advanced topics, you can do that too.  You'll be able to learn everything you need to know as well as learn everything you've ever wanted to know.

Reprogram Your Thoughts
New Mindset. New Results.

We guide you with the tools you need to become your own hero by permanently overcoming your struggles and losing weight. Our simple process with actionable steps guides you to eat healthy foods you love, workout whenever and wherever you want on your terms, and stay on track long-term with no difficult changes in your life.

Holistic Fitness Pyramid

We guide you to reprogram your thoughts and behavior at a pace that works for you to replace old thought patterns with new thought patterns that embed the mental skills and habits and emotional control you need to naturally have the right thoughts and make the right choices to lose weight, feel energetic and look fantastic! It's not about overnight perfection, it's about consistent, achievable progress in bite-sized steps.  You will see your life transform right before your eyes!

Choose Delicious Foods
Choose Delicious Food

With our innovative nutrition system you aren't locked into eating foods that we choose for you. You get to choose! Our cutting-edge food swap technology in our nutrition app delivers the perfect meal to properly fuel your body while also letting you choose delicious foods that you love.

The app easily guides you to find the perfect combinations of the foods you like to eliminate all vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in your diet with just the right amounts of all macronutrients and micronutrients for perfect nutrition. You will be your healthiest and feel amazing!

Workout Whenever Wherever
Workout At Home
At Home
Workout At Your Gym
At Your Gym

Choose where and how you workout. If you already have somewhere that you workout, you can keep doing what you're doing there. You will also get highly effective, expertly-designed workouts conveniently delivered right to your phone with our cutting-edge Virtual Trainer app.

You choose your workouts and your schedule with complete freedom to workout whenever and wherever you want. Our Virtual Trainer is a personal trainer in your pocket that not only tells you what to do but also shows you exactly how to correctly perform every exercise. It's loaded with fresh, constantly changing new workouts that are scientifically-optimized for ladies to get maximum fat scorching and body shaping results without killing you in the gym.

Change your mind to change your weight and change your life! #ABetterWeigh


Slim. Strong. Shapely.

We have a vision of all ladies living the happy, healthy, self-confident lives they want without fears and without boundaries.

We passionately inspire and empower our beloved community of ladies with holistic systems to strengthen physical, mental and emotional fitness for life.

We just happen to be a ladies-only gym.

Mentally Fit. Emotionally Fit. Physically Fit.
The Pink Gym Facility

The community of precious Pink Gems, sculpted and polished for beauty and radiance!

A.L.L.  All Ages. All Ladies. All Levels.
Fabulous New Experience
  • No Gymtimidation

    Our gym facility is all about eliminating all of the intimidating things about a traditional gym that make ladies anxious and uncomfortable.

  • Sensory Delights

    Every aspect of our chic, spotless environment is a sensory delight that ladies love! The sight of uplifting colors and visuals, the energizing smell of our fresh and wonderful signature scent, the sound of energetic music that motivates you to move, the natural and comfortable feel of our lady-sized equipment, and the delicious taste of our healthy snacks and foods.

  • Fun & Friendly

    We’re a community of friendly and supportive ladies who have fun and are empowered to thrive!

  • How-To

    Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to use weights and machines properly, how to exercise effectively for results, how to eat for maximum results, and more!

  • Dreamlike

    With no creeper men around, everything we do caters to the needs, wants and dreams of ladies.

  • We Listen

    Really, we do. Our very existence is the result of listening intently to what women want…and delivering it. We’ll always listen to what you want and deliver it! It’s what we’re all about.

BElieve In YOUrself


Without it you're just guessing...and missing. Better than just a theory, it's scientifically proven fat loss obliteration! The variety of our workouts keep it fun and interesting. Expert coaching guides you to optimum intensity levels and timing for maximum effectiveness.
Optimized heart rate formula for ladies unique bodies
Scientifically driven results
Maximum fat burning
Increased energy levels

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Fun. Friendly. Feminine.

Virtual Trainer

Our innovative app lets you workout...whenever and wherever it works out for you.
Workout • Whenever • Wherever

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Virtual Trainer app

NOFAT System

Revolutionary system rapidly melts away body fat with the most advanced, scientifically-optimized techniques on the planet!
Formulated from
S  Y  S  T  E  M

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Personal Training

Highly effective personalized training designed specifically for ladies unique bodies.
Scorch fat
Sculpt muscle
Shape your physique

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Behavior Modification

Change your mind to change your weight and change your life. #ABetterWeigh
Control thoughts & emotions
Desired behavior & outcomes

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Think Healthy. Feel Energetic. Look Fantastic.


Relevant education made simple and useful to get the results you want! Learn as much or as little as you want at your own pace about:
Proper use of equipment
   Effective exercises for ladies
      Healthy habits & eating
         Sustainable fat loss skills
            Transformation skills
               ...and more!

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Slim. Strong. Shapely.