We are different than every other gym.
The new pink standard for ladies!

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The Community of Pink Gems
Precious jewels of bodies hardened, chiseled, and polished for beauty!

How are we different than every other gym? We are the only gym that focuses on eliminating all of the things about a gym that make ladies uncomfortable. We give you a fun, friendly, supportive environment that you will love and thrive in! We cater to the unique needs and desires of ladies of all ages and all fitness levels.

ALL Ages. Ladies. Levels.

We have a passion for creating and fostering a very friendly, welcoming environment where every lady not only feels extremely comfortable but is also excited to walk through the doors! We have a mission to educate all ladies about weight machines and how to use them properly, how to exercise and eat for maximum results, how to change your mindset to change your life and more!

Friendly. Fun. Fabulous.

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Transform Your Body!


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Sociable. Smart. Strong.


Personal Training

Highly effective personalized training.

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Raising the Bar for Women!


601 Little Creek Cut Off Road
Sheridan, Arkansas 72150


      Local: 870.942.9094
Toll-Free: 833.PINKGYM


24 hours per day
7 days per week


What. Women. Want.

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Revolutionary Virtual Training

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Fabulously Feminine.
Contemporarily Chic.
Perfectly Pink.

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