From Tiny, Old Backyard Studio
to Pink Gym!

Pink Gym started as a tiny, private gym in my parents' backyard when I became a certified personal trainer. I started off training women in this tiny, private gym with ancient equipment. It was an old and tiny gym, but my clients loved it! Word quickly got around town about it and my clientele grew very quickly.

All of my lady clients would tell me the same thing - they loved it because they didn't want to workout around men. And many of them had other gym fears and anxieties too, such as not understanding fitness equipment and not knowing how to workout. It quickly became crystal clear that we needed a ladies-only gym which caters to ladies' unique needs and desires and eliminates all of the fears and anxieties that ladies have with gyms!
Within two years, I set out to open my first ladies-only gym! I wanted it to be something special that ladies would really love. I also wanted to make it results-oriented, but I wanted it to be very different from every other gym with a strong appeal to women's feminine senses - make it look fabulous with a feminine, chic decor and a pink-themed color scheme...make it smell great...and pump it full of fun, energetic music that women love!

Taking the idea of a ladies-only gym further, I set out to create the ultimate feminine fitness environment that would change ladies' ideas of a what a gym for ladies can be and what it should be. I set out to provide maximum results and effectiveness for women by being the only gym which tailors EVERYTHING to women's unique needs - with equipment made to fit a woman's smaller hand and body size, a group heart rate monitoring system that uses mathematical formulas designed specifically for the unique physiology of a woman's body, and more. I also set out to use state-of-the-art technologies and proven, cutting-edge, scientific techniques to provide the most effective results with simple, easy-to-use systems that allow all ladies to be able to achieve and even exceed their goals.

So I went for it and opened my first ladies-only gym! I originally opened it under the same business name I had been using for my personal training business - Custom Fit By Nicki. I planned to eventually rename it, but I had not yet decided on a new name when I first opened the doors. But being pink themed, it instantly became referred to by everyone as "the pink gym"...and voila - PINK GYM!

It's the new pink standard for fitness, health and wellness for ladies. And we're always innovating to make it even better!
Nicki Lisenbey
Founder of Pink Gym

"I strive each day to not only create a very friendly, supportive environment where all women feel extremely comfortable and happy, but to also make sure they know what to do to get the results they want. What we do here is not just life changing…it's fun!"