Gym Policy

Updated August 1, 2019


• Please check-in with your keytag at each visit either at the front door or at the front desk.
• Baskets are located in the back for any personal belongings.
• No food allowed in the Weight Room or HIIT Room.
• Drinks carried into the Weight Room and HIIT Room must be in a container with a lid.
• Please do not bring non-members into exercise areas.

Workout Procedure
• Please return any dumbbells or barbells back to the proper rack after each use.
• Wipe off equipment after use with the spray bottles and paper towels provided.
• Tennis shoes must be worn when working out. No open toed shoes please.

After Hours
• There are surveillance cameras located in several areas both inside and outside of the premises.
• Use your keytag to enter the building. Your keytag will log your visit. Your picture will also be captured on the outdoor camera.
• Once you are inside you are locked in and secure. You may turn on the lights. Our 24/7 secure door access system prevents anyone from entering the gym without a valid keytag.
• When you leave, if you are the last one out please turn off all lights and the A/C unit in the HIIT Room.

• Sharing keytags is prohibited and is grounds for immediate termination of your membership with forfeiture of all prepaid dues and service fees.
• If you lose or misplace your keytag, a replacement keytag costs $10. Your old keytag will be disabled.

• No child under the age of 13 is allowed in any of the gym’s exercise areas.
• No child can be left unattended in the lobby area without a responsible adult.
• There is a lot of tempting equipment for young children to play on and we cannot risk anyone getting injured.
• Please also be mindful and considerate of the other gym members.
• For liability reasons, we ask that you make arrangements for your children to be cared for off premises. For your convenience, we have arrangements for child care service off the premises with a nearby third-party provider. Here is their information:

Cost: $3 per hour

Rising Stars Child Development Center – Amy Hardin
1308 West Center Street
Sheridan, AR 72150

• Child must have a completed data form on file.
• You must let them know by 6:00 pm the day before you need child care.
• The child will get to participate in any and all activities or meals that are taking place during their care time.
• Diapers and wipes must be provided by the parent.
• Diapers will be changed as necessary with the diapers/wipes provided by the parent.
• To cancel, call 870.942.8222 ASAP to notify them.

Note: All aspects of child care will be handled independently of the gym by the third-party provider. We are merely facilitating child care availability for your convenience.

24/7/365 Access & Security

The Pink Gym never closes! The gym's entry doors are securely locked at all times for your protection, but your membership keytag unlocks the main entry door to give you access to the gym facility 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (for full, adult dues paying members). However, the gym is not staffed 24/7.

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